Instead of tipping...

Consider donating to one of these local charities below 

Food security and rental assistance

Sacred Heart Community Service has taken action through essential services such as food and clothing, advocacy and tools to build self-sufficiency such as education, financial empowerment, employment assistance, family support, energy and housing assistance and leadership development.

Aid for domestic violence victims

Many victims of domestic violence are forced to remain home with their abusers due to COVID-19. Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence’s  mission is to  creating paths for survivors from crisis to safety, stability, and self-reliance. They answer 15,000 crisis calls and servef 3,000 survivors annually.

Support for homeless

The homeless population is facing unique and serious risks associated with COVID-19. LifeMoves is working 24/7 to support their clients, our staff, and our community by aiding family transition from homelessness to stable housing, providing meals, and ensuring hygiene throughout shelters.

MVHelps is organized by private citizens for the greater good of our community and is a not-for-profit organization. MVHelps does not accept risk or responsibility for any of its volunteers or facilitators. We take your private information very seriously, and will only use it to match you with a volunteer.

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